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Spring Cleaning

Owen K.C. StephensWhile we'd obviously never actually clean out the dungeon's cobwebs and bloodstains (setting the mood is important!), conceptually spring is a great time to take stock, look at your plans, and do a little extra work to get things in order for the next year to come. The timing is particularly appropriate for us because as we move into the end of March, also moves into it's biggest renewal season. A lot of our annual and quarterly renewals hit over the next six weeks or so, and that means a lot of our annual budget gets set in the next six weeks. For obvious reasons that results in a lot of decisions getting made now, and most of them have long-term implications.

Those of you looking at your renewal options may have already noticed the All-Genius Pass quarterly and annual programs. These new arrangements are a response to fan requests to set up a subscription that includes all Super Genius Games d20 content. Anyone who signs up for a quarterly or annual All-Genius Pass gets full access to the website, and every d20 PDF Super Genius creates for the duration of that subscription (most of which we expect to be part of our ongoing lines of Pathfinder RPG-compatible products). The PDFs remain posted for 4 weeks, after which they are removed from the subscription site (though any current or past All-Genius Pass subscriber can receive copies of anything that came out during their subscription, even after that subscription ends, so you can always replace lost data). This option allows those fans who are interested in doing so to get everything we produce for d20, which numerous fans of our PDF lines have been clamoring for since last year.

However, the All-Genius Pass is purely optional. We realize a number of existing Dungeonaday subscribers aren't particularly interested in SGG's weekly Pathfinder PDFs, so the existing subscriptions remain available. In fact, we're lowering prices slightly, in keeping with our review of the business needs of the site and a realistic appraisal of the best way to expand our membership. We have hopes to add some amazing new ways to take advantage of the web-based format of to showcase our dungeon levels, but new options take money. We want to bring in more subscribers that ever before so we can move forward with these plans. A number of potential customers have indicated that a mega-dungeon now at Level 16 is an intimidating place to jump on to a site such as ours, and this is our effort to convince them it's worthwhile. Since it would be unfair to only charge less to new customers, everyone gets to take advantage of the reduced subscription prices.

We also plan to introduce some new bonus content, in the form of Guest Genius essays. These short works will be gaming-related thoughts from some of the industry's best minds on whatever topics they are most interested in expounding upon. Each Guest Genius essay will be available to all subscribers for 4 weeks, but will only be archived for annual subscribers. Guest Genius essays don't replace any current content. They're a totally new offering and part of our overall push to give people more reasons to subscribe to the site.

We've also moved forward on our promised new schedule for producing PDFs of existing levels, having put out two levels in February and already one in March. We will continue to put out at least two a month until we're caught up with existing level content, at which point each level will be compiled into a PDF within a month of being fully posted on the web site. (I personally hope to actually put out PDFs a little faster than the official two-a-month schedule, as I'd like to be caught up by the time we hit Level 20, but that's a personal goal rather than an official administrator's pledge.)

Obviously this all means a lot is changing here at, and we know that's a source of concern for some existing members of our community. Since Super Genius Games was brought in by Monte to take over a lot of the work to run this site, we've had to learn on the job and make some unpopular tough decisions to create a sustainable system that produces an update every weekday. As the site grows and evolves we'll keep looking at what we need to do to be successful, and we'll do our best to let you all know what we're thinking before it happens. What's not going to change is how we're handling Dragon's Delve, or and Monte Cook's involvement with it. Although Super Genius Games now oversees the writing of most of's content, we're still working from Monte's notes and will be passing everything over to him for his input before the final version goes up. Monte created both this site and the current megadungeon adventure, and as we enter the home stretch of the last few levels we're looking forward to helping him see to it people who jumped in on Level 1 get to see the final, epic confrontations with the Entropy Engine and the Dragon Prince himself.

So don't mind us as we tidy up some of the pages, polish the pit spikes, and go about our Spring Cleaning. The dungeon isn't going anywhere, and from here on out we plan to add some great things things as we go.

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