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Stan!As Owen mentioned a few blog entries ago, we've been doing a little spring cleaning here at things up around the site, speeding up development of some projects (like the increased frequency of whole-level PDF compilations), and kicking off whole new ones (like the All Genius Pass membership options). One ongoing modification that will not be obvious to subscribers, but is an important change for the site, centers around the material that non-subscribers can see when they visit the site.

Much of the that work will center around updating the information on the static pages that describe the site and its content--the sorts of things that help new visitors understand what is going on here and why they might want to be part of the fun. The text on those pages, for the most part, has not been substantially altered since opened its doors two years ago ... and a lot has changed since then.

On top of that updating, though, we're also going to be increasing the amount of material that non-members can see and sample. As we're approaching 500 encounter areas worth of adventure, there now is enough of an archive that we can manage give a free taste to visitors without diminishing what a new member would get after paying the subscription fee.

The first thing being brought out from behind the "pay wall" is this blog. Beginning now, most of the blog posts will be viewable by non-members who care enough to stop by and check out what we're talking about. There may occasionally be blog posts that we want to reserve for members only, but they will likely be few and relatively far between.

So, let's all wave a warm welcome to the curious eyes that are scrolling over this column for the first time. Hopefully, a good number of you will decide to become members and enjoy the full range of benefits ... and we can get to know you better in the forums.

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