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Hope You're Hungry

Stan!I want to start today's blog by sending a big, public tip of the hat to Rich Redman, who was the lead designer for the just completed Level 16. Exploring the Secret City was something we were all very keen to do here at, but we also had quite a bit of trepidation. The Secret City was a big change of pace. There were a lot of challenges inherent in setting a segment of the dungeon INSIDE an artifact, and even more challenges in setting it in a large city ... Rich had to deal with BOTH at the same time.

With it all being said and done and out there for folks to see, I think it's important to come out and say what a terrific job Rich did on Level 16. The Secret City had just the right mix of open sandbox feeling, focused problem solving, and weird otherworldliness about it. I certainly would love to run some unsuspecting PCs through it.

So, thanks, Rich. That's a job well done. Hopefully we'll be able to entice you to come back and do some more design work for again soon.

With that done, it's time to turn to today's encounter, where we and the PCs enter Level 17, or what we like to call "The Halls of Hunger." Taking over lead designer responsibilities for this level, we have someone who is already passingly familiar to subscribers--Charles Ryan!

Charles designed the very popular Fane of the Sea God mini-level (or side trek ... depending on how you like to look at it). We had so much fun working with him on that, we asked Charles to come back any time he liked ... and we were incredibly happy that he chose to take us up on that offer.

The Halls of Hunger marks the opening act of the titanic conclusion of Dragon's Delve. Pieces of the puzzle that have been gathering for two years now will begin to coalesce as the PCs press toward finding out what the Entropy Engine is, how it fits into the Prince of Dragons' plans, and what they can do about it ... if they even want to. But first the PCs will have to deal with the body of a dead god, the ultimate mystery of the Twelve Secret Sigils, and a set of doors that seemingly never lead to the same place twice. And that's JUST on Level 17!

Exciting times are ahead, and I am very glad to be moving into them with such august company.

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