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4. Storeroom (EL 1)

MapSummary: Poisonous spores threaten those that poke around in this old storeroom, although there are valuables to find.

Sights and Sounds: This room is dark.

This dank room smells of mold and rot. Old crates and barrels fill the chamber.

Crates and Barrels: Once a large underground storeroom for DC 15 the keep above, this room has remained relatively untouched for decades, mostly because those in the area know that a poisonous mold grows amid the goods here. If anything in the room is disturbed, a cloud of spores 10 feet in diameter is loosed around the disturbance. Those within the cloud must save versus the poison they inhale (Fort save DC 13; 1 Con/1 Con, see below for the Pathfinder version). The cloud persists for 3 rounds, and then dissipates. No more than four spore clouds are possible in the room on a given day. A Survival, Knowledge (Nature) or Knowledge (Dungeoneering) check alerts characters to the potential hazard and allows them to avoid it entirely.

Those who somehow brave this poison and make a DC 18 Search check (Perception check for Pathfinder) find one crate containing 10 flasks of alchemist fire. Burning all the room's contents destroys the mold, but causes an explosion with the alchemist fire that inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage on anyone in this room.

Dwarven ForgeAward the PCs experience points as if they had overcome a CR 1 challenge if they encounter the poison mold spores.

Western Rooms: The doors to these small side rooms are locked (DC 25 Open Lock, Disable Device for Pathfinder) and swollen stuck (DC 18 Strength check to open). The northernmost room has nothing of value (but also no mold). The southernmost room contains a number of boxes of miscellaneous dry goods, including a small box with six tindertwigs and a sunrod, and another containing two flasks of acid.

Connections: This room connects to area 1.

See the Map of Level 1

Pathfinder Conversions: For the poison mentioned above, use the following poison:

Spore Cloud

Type: inhaled; Save: Fortitude DC 13

Onset: 1 round; Frequency: 1/minute for 2 minutes

Effect: 1 Con damage; Cure: 1 save

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