5. Bodor's Hall (EL 3)

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Summary: Bodor, the orcish leader of the Bestial Host members, rules from this hall and sleeps in  5A.



Sights and Sounds: If Bodor is in this room, it's lit by a few oil lamps, and characters listening at the door can hear loud guttural laughs and shouts (DC 13 Listen check -- DC 13 Perception check for Pathfinder). Otherwise, it's dark and quiet.





A tattered and stained red carpet runs most of the length of this long hall. Moth-eaten tapestries of mounted knights and hilltop castles hang on the wall. At the far eastern end stands a large wooden throne surrounded by empty kegs and dirty wooden plates and mugs.

Inhabitants: Bodor, the current, de facto leader of the Bestial Host guards, is often here. If he is here, his bodyguards are as well. If he and his guards are not here, they are likely in 5A or area 6. Bodor sees himself as a monarch or a chief, and acts that way. He is no tougher than his fellows (he has normal orc physical stats), but he's a bit smarter, craftier, and more charismatic than a normal orc, so the others do as he says. Bodor's not even a devout follower of the Beast God, and is actually a bit of a coward. He attempts to intimidate intruders to frighten them off, and if that doesn't work, he might try barter to get them to go away peacefully. If challenged, he runs to the temple in area 6.

Physically, it's Bodor's three bodyguards that are a real threat. The orc bodyguard, Griff, wears banded mail and uses a greataxe. The hobgoblin bodyguard, Starl, wears chain mail, uses a heavy shield, and wields a masterwork longsword. The degenerate human bodyguard, Lasha, uses orc stats but has bonus hit points for just sheer tenacity.

Bodor is the leader now only because Ramscorn, the real leader, is currently leading an excursion down into Level 2.

Bodor, orc: hp 8. Bodor has a 10 Int, Wis, and Cha. Give him +2 on Will saves and +3 on skill checks. (Use this orc as the base Bodor for Pathfinder)Dwarven Forge

Griff, orc bodyguard: hp 9, AC 16, uses a battleaxe (+4 melee, 1d12+4 damage, crit 20/x3).(Use this orc as the base Griff for Pathfinder)

Starl, hobgoblin bodyguard: hp 10, AC 16, +1 to attack rolls due to masterwork weapon. (Use these hobgoblins for Pathfinder)

Lasha, degenerate human bodyguard: hp 14. Use orc stats. (Use these orc stats for Pathfinder)

Treasure. Bodor has 15 gp, 33 sp, and 61 cp in a bag. He also has the key to the box under his bed in 5a. Each of the bodyguards has 1d6 gp and 2d6 sp.

Development: If intruders come into area 1, Bodor and his guards do not move to help. However, if intruders attack them, they call out for those in area 1 to come to their aid. If  given the chance, Bodor and his guards--if seriously threatened or worried about an incursion--will retreat to the temple, area 6. 

Secret Door: The secret door that gives access to the passage leading to area 3 is not too difficult to find (DC 18). A lever behind a tapestry causes the door to pivot easily and quietly. Bodor knows about the secret door and the passage beyond, but he doesn't really use it.

5A: This chamber is Bodor's bedroom. It's also where the bodyguards all sleep. The place is a disheveled mess with four beds, a table, some chairs, and a lot of ale. Under one bed (Bodor's) lies a locked wooden box (DC 20 to open). It contains a variety of mostly worthless items such as clothing, a brush, paper, chalk, and so on, as well as a set of masterwork thieves' tools, a healer's kit, and a 50 gp yellow agate wrapped in an old rag.

Upping the Ante: Make Starl a bugbear (this changes the encounter to EL 4). For Pathfinder, make Starl an orog.

Revisit (EL 4 or 5)

If Bodor is slain, Ramscorn may return from Level 2. However, it is probably more interesting to leave him there and have the Bestial Horde assign a new leader to the guards-one with more physical prowess, such as a bugbear or even an ogre. This new leader is likely to arrive within 10 days, along with 4 orc bodyguards with max hit points and masterwork weapons.

Treasure: The new leader will have a bag with 200 gp, 500 sp, and jewels worth another 100 gp.

Connections: This room connects to areas 1, 3, and 6.

See the Map of Level 1

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