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Level 5

The Aberrant Laboratory

Level 5Two things characterize Level 5 of Dragon's Delve: Strange magical laboratories and the remnants and descendants of the creatures experimented upon or even created in those laboratories.

Once simply a level of residences created by the dwarves, the Mages Four refashioned and repurposed this level extensively for magical experimentation. About 150 years later-still well before Lord Saral or the Red Saint would come to visit the dungeon, a sorceress named Valandra opened a gateway to the legendary island of Khorant from this level and began capturing creatures there to experiment upon. Five hundred years after that, but still over 200 years ago, a small gathering of still more wizards moved in and used the laboratories for their own purposes, but now they too are long gone.

The main feature of the level is the octagonal corridor that runs throughout the other chambers containing the relays of a powerful lightning generator. Blasts of raw, dangerous power arc up and down this wide path, making it extremely hazardous to cross without using one of the bridges that extend over the continual bolts of electricity.

It's worth noting that this level is somewhat of a crossroads. From here, PCs can go to the Island of Khorant, down to Level 7, or up to Level 6. (Yes, it's strange that Level 6 is "above" Level 5, but since the progression from Levels 1-6 works only in that order, the levels are numbered the way they are.) Ideally, PCs will go to Khorant, then to Level 6, and then to Level 7. And remember that without a saint's scepter, they will go up the stairs to area 110 and the stairs will disappear. They won't be able to create the staircase to come back down.

Unless the text states otherwise, the level's floors, walls, and ceilings are made of masonry stone. Ceilings are 20 feet high. All doors, unless otherwise described, are good wooden doors, unlocked, 1 and a half inch thick, with a hardness of 5, and 15 hp.

There are 33 rooms in Level 5. Click here to see the map.

Click here to see the list of Level 5 Random Encounters.


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