Stay Away From These

Anybody who has ever dreamed of becoming a bodybuilding star knows that besides the grueling workout sessions, putting the right foods in your body will help you achieve the goal of getting that bodybuilder frame going. However, there is also some bad foods that a bodybuilding person can put into their body and this piece here will be taking a look at some of those foods that you must stay away from. So without any further interruptions, lets journey down the road you bodybuilding folks will want to avoid, the road of bad foods.

The first kind of food we need to take a look at is the refined grain foods, those are such items like white bread, pasta, white rice, crackers, breakfast cereals, pretzels, waffles and even pancakes. You should be staying away from these culinary disasters because the processed carbohydrates will be digested rapidly and that will cause blood sugar spiking, which will cause potentially unhealthy weight gain. The next stop on the food train is something that anybody in the bodybuilding or just the occasional gym visitor should know, stay away from sugar, or added sugar to be exact. The following items featured added sugar and should be avoided at all cost….soda, cake, cookies, candy, anything with granulated sugar, high fructose corn syrup and even sugar solids.

The foods with added sugar will be providing your fit body with calories that have no nutritional value in any shape, way or form. This may seem a little sexist here because added sugar is even worse for the males because the added sugar can decrease testosterone levels and that in turn, may slow muscle growth within your body. Essentially, if you are trying to get that bodybuilder level body and you are consuming added sugar, you will never get that body you are looking for. If you are a bodybuilder and you are a meat eater, then this next piece of information will be vital to your growth. While a lot of meat products can be good for you, you folks must avoid processed meats at all costs. Those kinds of foods are deli meats, hot dogs and sausage, essentially any meat that is taken away from its original form.

The reason you people out there should avoid processed meats is due to the fact that they are high in sodium, which will lead to fluid retention and that could impact muscle definition. This is especially harsh if you are entering a bodybuilding competition, because if your muscle lack definition, how can you possibly expect to even place anywhere near the top against the other bodybuilders who are taking the right steps towards the perfect body. There is one more road we must travel down for avoiding foods, that road is caused the high trans fats and saturated fats foods.

Unfortunately, there is not necessarily a set list of foods that are containing these food, not because there are so few though but because there are so many. The best way to avoid these foods is to read the labels on the foods package because avoiding these foods are crucial. The main reason you should avoid these foods is because it will put you at higher risk for heart disease. There you go folks, there is the list of foods you should avoid at all costs and if you want that perfect bodybuilding physique, remember what you read here.

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