A Truly Important Substance

There are many great substances and just overall things that work in our body to make it function well for as long as we are alive, but very few things are as important to the body as the substance known as Protein is, which is for good reason. There are many great reasons why you need to make sure Protein is a part of your diet and working well in your body. However, there is not enough time today to discuss all the amazing things that this stuff can do for you, but we can look at the four biggest reasons why this substance is so darn important and why we all need it. The main reasons why this stuff is so essential to everybody’s body is because it is a part of every single cell in the human body, your body will use it to repair damaged or worn muscles, you need it to produce chemicals naturally in the body and it is an important building block for just about every single part of your body.

In an interesting side note to everything that we are looking at here, Protein is the main substance in all the hair on your body and your fingernails as well. The reason that this substance is so vital to not just the folks who are reading this, but for every person who has ever lived anywhere in the world is because without enough Protein in our bodies, we would all cease to exist in a relatively short amount of time. The interesting thing about needing this stuff to live a long and healthy life is that the body does not produce this stuff on its own, so you need to input in your body by way of eating or taking vitamins. The two most common ways that Protein can be put in through the body is by eating Protein bars and drinking Protein shakes as well.

If you are one of those people who are consuming substances that are full of Protein, you can experience such added benefits as speedy recovery after exercising, reduction of muscle loss, building of lean muscle, helping a person maintain a healthy weight and the ability to curb hunger. You may be wondering after reading all of this, then hearing about Protein bars and Protein shakes, what kind of other substances can you eat or drink that contain this stuff, luckily the answer is on the way folks.

The other kinds of things that folks can consume that have higher levels of Protein are fish, meat, milk, soy, eggs, beans, butter and legumes. There is also a high amount pf the stuff in milk, which is why it was just mentioned, but not enough to do the work that the other substances are able to do. Protein is easily one of the most crucial substances in the human body and now that you know more about the stuff, isn’t it time that you make sure you have enough protein in your system.

The One Third Conundrum

There is a substance on this planet earth that every living being needs in their bodies or they will all cease to exist and that substance is quite simply known as protein. However, what many people do not know about this substance is that it is actually formed by three other smaller substances, better known to the medical or scientific community as macronutrients. The macronutrients that make up protein are carbohydrates, protein itself and fat, we will only be focusing on one of those three as we venture on forward in this piece. That singular substance of the three we will be focusing on in this piece is the substance called carbohydrates, but we will be referring to the substance as Carbs from this point forward.

Now that we have broken down exactly what these Carbs are, it is now the time to take a look at what this substance is actually used for once it does enter your body. Carbs are essentially the main source of energy in your body, that can be said because every tissue and cell within your body will use Carbs to function. Even more interesting is that the immediate moments at which Carbs enter a persons body, they can immediately begin to be used to create and maintain energy within that persons body. If you are also somebody who is wondering if they can store Carbs in your body, well the answer to that question is yes because different parts of the body will store the stuff so that it can be used in the future.

As we near the finish line in our examination of the substance we call Carbs, we should look at exactly how much a person should consume to stay their healthy selves. It is recommended by the brightest minds of the medical field that a person should make at least forty five to sixty five percent of their daily calorie intake be from Carbs, which is a hefty amount when you think about it. Carbs are one of the most important substances you can put in your body and after reading all of this, you now know why they are just so important.

A Little History Lesson Of Steroids

There is a whole world of people out there right now who will definitely buy steroids in the future when they notice that steroids for sale. However, before they make that decision, they may need to know which are legal steroids and even now to get steroids online. So, when you are talking about anabolic steroids and even the best legal steroids, we should be taking a trip through the history books and learn about the history of the substance in the first place. Whether you are interested in steroids, trucks, books, donkeys, video games or even electrical outlets, it is good to know about the history of said subject so that you know exactly what you are getting into when you decide to purchase it. So, our journey through the history books begins with the needed knowledge of what exactly this stuff is in the first place. Steroids, or anabolic steroids if you wish to call them that, are essentially a substance that impedes the rate of cell division within a body and then the development of a person’s body through that process. The majority of the steroids in our world today are either anabolic or androgenic, which is why you have heard the terms anabolic steroids and androgenic steroids.

Now, take a seat in our time machine and let’s head back to a period between the thirties and the fifties, because that is the time frame in which this stuff was thought to have been first created. The stuff was created, with a disputed time frame, by accident by a German scientist and they were used as a form of medicine once discovered. It was around the late fifties that the steroid craze began, and to be fair, the craze has continued to this very day.  The first kind of substances that proved to be well-liked in various countries were the substances known as Methandrostenolone and Dianabol. These were also the first substances to be approved for usage in the United States by the Food & Drug Administration, better known nowadays as the FDA. We are now going to fast forward a little bit to the early seventies, were a study was conducted and it showed that patients could not tell the difference between a steroid and a placebo when they were taken. No matter what the test showed, sometime in the middle of the seventies, the International Olympic Committee or IOC, banned the substances from Olympic competition.

Interestingly enough, even though the substances were banned by the IOC, the sales of this stuff continued to increase amongst users. We are now skipping ahead a little more to the middle of the eighties, which is where the IOC strikes again for all of those who decided to continue using the stuff. In the middle of the eighties, the International Olympic Committee started to randomly drug test Olympic athletes and would eventually punish them for steroid usage. The first tests conducted at that time showed that more than half of the athletes tested were using the stuff in some shape, way or form. Then in the late eighties, the first federal regulations of steroids were introduced and punishments were handed out to those who were caught doing anything illegal with the stuff. Throughout the time when steroids were created during that time between the thirties and the fifties until the late eighties, the majority of people were not convinced that steroids were still not as bad as they were sometime perceived to be. Then came the middle of the nineties and perceptions about the substance started changing is some pretty stunning ways.

That time in the middle of the nineties, an organization by the name of the National Institute Of Health, or NIT, decided to find out what this stuff can really do. The studies proved exactly what everybody knew that steroids can do, which is in the first paragraph of this piece that you are currently engaged in. Then it was in the late nineties that the world was introduced to the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, which is an organization that was created in order to regulate and monitor the usage of this substance to the athletes and regular folks alike. Due to concerns of steroid abuse amongst those in the United States, the Anabolic Steroids Act would be created in 2004, which would essentially deem just about every steroid illegal in the rules of the United States government. The order by the United States government also made sure that the stuff was also known as controlled substances. So, there you have it folks, now that you have just about every piece of history you will ever need to know on this subject and now that you have that knowledge, its time to make the crucial decision buy steroids or not to buy? It’s all up to you.

Stay Away From These

Anybody who has ever dreamed of becoming a bodybuilding star knows that besides the grueling workout sessions, putting the right foods in your body will help you achieve the goal of getting that bodybuilder frame going. However, there is also some bad foods that a bodybuilding person can put into their body and this piece here will be taking a look at some of those foods that you must stay away from. So without any further interruptions, lets journey down the road you bodybuilding folks will want to avoid, the road of bad foods.

The first kind of food we need to take a look at is the refined grain foods, those are such items like white bread, pasta, white rice, crackers, breakfast cereals, pretzels, waffles and even pancakes. You should be staying away from these culinary disasters because the processed carbohydrates will be digested rapidly and that will cause blood sugar spiking, which will cause potentially unhealthy weight gain. The next stop on the food train is something that anybody in the bodybuilding or just the occasional gym visitor should know, stay away from sugar, or added sugar to be exact. The following items featured added sugar and should be avoided at all cost….soda, cake, cookies, candy, anything with granulated sugar, high fructose corn syrup and even sugar solids.

The foods with added sugar will be providing your fit body with calories that have no nutritional value in any shape, way or form. This may seem a little sexist here because added sugar is even worse for the males because the added sugar can decrease testosterone levels and that in turn, may slow muscle growth within your body. Essentially, if you are trying to get that bodybuilder level body and you are consuming added sugar, you will never get that body you are looking for. If you are a bodybuilder and you are a meat eater, then this next piece of information will be vital to your growth. While a lot of meat products can be good for you, you folks must avoid processed meats at all costs. Those kinds of foods are deli meats, hot dogs and sausage, essentially any meat that is taken away from its original form.

The reason you people out there should avoid processed meats is due to the fact that they are high in sodium, which will lead to fluid retention and that could impact muscle definition. This is especially harsh if you are entering a bodybuilding competition, because if your muscle lack definition, how can you possibly expect to even place anywhere near the top against the other bodybuilders who are taking the right steps towards the perfect body. There is one more road we must travel down for avoiding foods, that road is caused the high trans fats and saturated fats foods.

Unfortunately, there is not necessarily a set list of foods that are containing these food, not because there are so few though but because there are so many. The best way to avoid these foods is to read the labels on the foods package because avoiding these foods are crucial. The main reason you should avoid these foods is because it will put you at higher risk for heart disease. There you go folks, there is the list of foods you should avoid at all costs and if you want that perfect bodybuilding physique, remember what you read here.